About Sonoma Sky Park


Sonoma Skypark Airport is a public use airport owned by over fifty members of the local community.  Located just three miles from the historic Sonoma Plaza, Skypark serves as a convenient aviation gateway to the beautiful Sonoma Valley.

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Sonoma Skypark Airport, in cooperation with EAA Chapter 1268, converted a surplus T-hangar into a useful and elegant clubhouse.

Utilizing volunteers from EAA Chapter 1268 and Sonoma Skypark pilots and shareholders, the T-hangar was enlarged, plumbing and electrical installed and a set of donated kitchen cabinets installed to provide a place to warm food for EAA and Skypark dinners.

EAA Chapter 1268 holds its monthly meeting in the clubhouse on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m. Each meeting includes a dinner prepared by the members, with a program following.

Sonoma Skypark pilots, shareholders and staff volunteer to barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs every Saturday from noon to about 1:30 p.m.

Pilots have made Sonoma Skypark a destination for their $100 hamburgers, with the actual hamburger or hot dog costing only $5 in addition to the fuel used to travel here. Visitors are cordially invited to join us for lunch and hangar flying.

Sonoma Skypark has also hosted fly-ins for the Travelaire and Taylorcraft type clubs. EAA Chapter 1268 has sponsored seminars on homebuilding, and hosted speakers presenting programs on every aspect of aviation.